CARDET (Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology) is a non-profit research and development organization (NGO) based in Cyprus with partners around the world (Reg. No. HE153022).

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logotipoCESIS  is a non-governmental, independent organisation of researchers from a range of disciplinary backgrounds concerned to promote evidence-based, policy-relevant research at both national and European level. Founded in 1992 CESIS’ team working experience dates back from 1986 when its first publications on poverty played a major role in launching this line of research in the scientific community in Portugal and, at the same time, by giving a major contribution to public and political awareness of the phenomena of impoverishment in the Portuguese society.

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Defence for Children Italy



Defence for Children International is an international human rights organization that has been promoting and protecting children’s rights for 30 years.The Italian section was founded in 2005.

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KMOP is a Greek non-profit, social NGO with humanitarian values, believing in every individual’s potential to enrich society. By providing dedicated professionals, dynamic leadership and standards of excellence, we aim to empower vulnerable groups through professionally supported integrated social services, local development of underprivileged areas, and the building of employability skills.

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